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“HMS offers one-on-one individual care for your child. They also provide you with all of the necessary tools to work with your child at home. Also I would tell them my son has improved tremendously with his speech since he started school”
Mother of a 6 year old with articulation and language processing difficulties
“Barbara is highly skilled, multitalented and compassionate. She has the unique ability to combine evidence-based approaches with creativity, flexibility, and passion to meet my daughter’s individual needs. Thank you so very much!”
L.R's Mom
“(Our SLP) is great! She is enthusiastic, positive, & incredibly knowledgeable. She keeps speech work fresh & fun so my child looks forward to speech. I like that she explains how the different aspects are connected. She is remarkably patient as well! She models things for my child & encourages him. She knows when he is done & is ready to move on. She listens to my concerns, comments, & questions.”
M.B's Mom
“Thank you for your loving heart and hands!”
Mom of 3 year old Client
“Help Me Speak has helped my daughter progress and she is happy to see her therapist.”
Mother of J.D., a 7yr old girl
“Your child will get the help they need (at HMS). They will get help you didn’t know they needed because HMS works to understand the full scope of the problems and addresses all the issues.”
Mother of M.B. a 6yr old with a hearing impairment
“Very friendly staff. Our daughter has definitely benefitted from coming here (for speech-language therapy)”
Mother of S.B.
“(HMS) is a skilled, personable, and enthusiastic group of therapists who have the capacity to individualize approaches geared towards a child’s unique need. Therapists have expertise in a variety of underlying speech-language disorders and experience with children suffering from many different types of neurodevelopmental disabilities.”
Mother of a 6 yr old girl with apraxia
“(Our SLP was) very good with our daughter. (she) answered all the questions we had very promptly and patiently. (She) discussed our daughter’s progress frequently.”
P.D. mother of a 3 yr old girl with autism
“Your sharing of your talents is such a Blessing to us! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!”
Parents of a 3 Year Old
“Thank you for partnering with us to help D! We are so blessed to have your open heart and gentle hands! Thank you”
Parents of a 4 Year Old Client
“My child’s SLP is great with him. She is very quick to pick up on his strengths/weaknesses. Great suggestions. (Our SLP) is very clearly experienced and good at her job!”
mom of a 3yr old with autism
Help me Speak has been so helpful in our speech journey. They are very thorough in their evaluation and all of the speech pathologists are very knowledgeable, patient and caring. Our son loves going to speech and has made enormous strides in his time with HMS! I would recommend them to anyone looking for private speech assistance.
Mom of GF
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