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We help with all types of speech & language difficulties.
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Help Me Communicate

Speech therapy can greatly enhance your overall quality of life

Speech therapy is a valuable resource that enhances the communication and language abilities of both children and adults. Regardless of the factors that may be hindering your speaking or effective communication, engaging in speech therapy can greatly enhance your overall quality of life.

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Speech therapy has been extensively validated as a highly effective treatment that has assisted countless individuals in enhancing their language and communication aptitude.

Comprehension & Expression of Language Skills

Your SLP will use engaging activities to improve your child’s understanding & communication of language.

Oral Motor Skills

Using structured oral exercises can enhance your oral motor skills for improved speech clarity and oral swallowing skills. Each exercise has a specific purpose to improve a client’s function.

Improve Cognitive Functioning

Engaging in word games like memory games, searches, and crossword puzzles has been proven to bolster cognitive function and enhance thinking skills, as demonstrated by various studies.

Help Me Communicate Services
Speech sound errors
Tongue Tie
Autism spectrum disorders
Developmental language delays
Receptive and Expressive language disorders
Down syndrome
Auditory and/or language processing
Traumatic Brain Injuries/Concussions
Multiple Congenital Diagnoses/Medically Complex Clients
Cerebral Palsy
Language Evaluations
Receptive Language
Expressive Language
Pragmatic/Social Skills
Evalution and Testing

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Online Services Available as Appropriate

Speech-Language & Orofacial Myofunctional Treatment, Sign Language, Reading, Play, & Pragmatic Intervention, Remote sessions available after the initial evaluation appointment! Call us today to schedule the evaluation appointment.
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