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Taking sign language classes are beneficial
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Improving the Lives of Each Client

Embarking on the journey of learning sign language unlocks a world of incredible wonders. Regardless of your level of hearing ability, the process of acquiring sign language brings forth a wide array of benefits, enriching your life in numerous ways.

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Sign language serves as a vital means of communication for individuals with disabilities, including degenerative diseases, autism, and speech disorders. Unlike technology-dependent methods, sign language is an inclusive and accessible communication tool that is both cost-free and practical for those in need.

Most Studied Language

ASL is the third most studied language in the US, after English and Spanish.

Parent-Child Bonding

Sign language fosters positive bonding opportunities between parents and children, reducing stress and anxiety for the child while building trust and understanding in the parent-child relationship.

Gives Confidence

By achieving successful communication and developing a deeper understanding of words, children gain the confidence to explore the world around them more extensively.

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See How We Help People in Ellicott City MD and Howard County with Communication
Our Sign Language services are uniquely suited for:
parents/infants 10mo+
Clients with hearing impairments

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Online Services Available as Appropriate

Speech-Language & Orofacial Myofunctional Treatment, Sign Language, Reading, Play, & Pragmatic Intervention, Remote sessions available after the initial evaluation appointment! Call us today to schedule the evaluation appointment.
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