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Many people who struggle with reading have language-based difficulties including oral and written language.
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Learning to read is an essential skill for children, especially those with developmental language delays. It helps them understand written language, improves communication, and supports their overall development and academic success.

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When students face challenges in reading, it's natural for teachers and parents to feel overwhelmed. However, as we gain greater insight into reading and the specific difficulties at hand, a sense of reassurance emerges. With this understanding, we can navigate the journey with confidence, providing effective support and fostering growth for the students.


Developing phonemic awareness offers the valuable ability to hear, identify, and manipulate the individual sounds within words, unlocking the door to enhanced reading and language skills.


In a one-on-one learning environment, students have the advantage of learning at a pace that aligns with their individual abilities and facilitates their progress.


Learning to read at any age opens doors to new knowledge, personal growth, and expanded opportunities.

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See How We Help People in Ellicott City MD and Howard County with Learning
Our learning services are uniquely suited for clients who have difficulty with:
Auditory and/or language processing
Receptive and Expressive language disorders
Evalution and Testing

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Online Services Available as Appropriate

Speech-Language & Orofacial Myofunctional Treatment, Sign Language, Reading, Play, & Pragmatic Intervention, Remote sessions available after the initial evaluation appointment! Call us today to schedule the evaluation appointment.
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