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Poor oral motor & oral swallowing skills may lead to failure to thrive in infants or picking eating in children. Ask us how we can improve these skills.
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Help Me Eat

Improving the Lives of Each Client

When a child experiences difficulties with eating, regardless of the cause, the repercussions extend to various aspects of their growth and development. These consequences encompass weight loss, nutritional deficiencies, challenges in daily functioning, sleep disruptions, reduced energy levels, and impaired cognitive function. Furthermore, it can hinder a child's participation in significant social activities, such as family meals and holiday traditions, while also placing strain on everyone involved at the table.

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Feeding therapy is highly beneficial and strongly recommended for children who struggle with actual eating, particularly those with special needs or medical conditions that present physical challenges.


Health and growth


More calm and joyful mealtimes


Increase connection, trust, and safety around eating

Help Me Eat Services
See How We Help People in Ellicott City MD and Howard County with Eating
Our feeding and swallowing services are uniquely suited for:
Speech sound errors
Autism spectrum disorders
Developmental language delays
Down syndrome
Receptive and Expressive language disorders
Traumatic Brain Injuries/Concussions
Auditory and/or language processing
Tongue Tie
Cerebral Palsy
Multiple Congenital Diagnoses/Medically Complex Clients
Evalution and Testing

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Online Services Available as Appropriate

Speech-Language & Orofacial Myofunctional Treatment, Sign Language, Reading, Play, & Pragmatic Intervention, Remote sessions available after the initial evaluation appointment! Call us today to schedule the evaluation appointment.
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