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Eating Evaluations

Initial meeting with clients to assess how to treat their eating disorders

This oral motor/ swallowing evaluation involves taking clinical photographs of a client's posture, face, mouth, teeth, tongue, & lips.

We measure the target orofacial structures and skills. We evaluate the structure, range of movement, stability, control, coordination, and dissociation of a client's jaw, lips, tongue, & cheeks. We use a combination of structured therapy tools and fun toys to assess these skills.
We analyze a client's eating, chewing, drinking, and swallowing skills with a variety of food textures. Due to allergies, we ask the client/ parent to bring crunchy, soft, hard, puree, and chewy foods and a drink.

Our licensed and certified therapists use a structured yet child-centered approach to improve your child’s eating difficulties. Sessions are offered in 30 min increments, but may be longer upon request. In a 50 min session, 45 minutes is spent in direct therapy with your child and 5 minutes is spent in indirect therapy via parent/family teaching/training. In a 30 min session, 25 min is direct and 5 min is indirect.

During direct therapy, your child may play at the table or on the floor. Often, we use visual picture/word schedules so that your child can see what will happen next. We utilize our sensory-motor room as needed at the beginning or in the middle of therapy. As needed, we employ Beckman stretches, Talk Tools, and PROMPT during the structured play part of the session. We may use a variety of other traditional and state-of-the-art therapy techniques as well to help your child improve his/her skills.

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